Student Research Posters

Assessing the anti-microbial activity of a copper-free foot bath solution
Author(s): Heemskerk, Teis, McCafferty, Kirah, Sidhu, Kiranjot, Skaaning, Emma
Date: 2020-04
City landscape usage on dissolved organic matter along Willband Creek, Abbotsford, BC
Author(s): Donovan Toews, Bernhard Puecker-Ehrenbrink, Emily MacMillan, Ian Toohey, Lise Nehring, Mika Sevcik
Date: 2019-04-30
The effects of physical activity on executive function tasks in children with FASD
Author(s): Watson, Bradley, Keiver, K, Pritchard Orr, A., Kerns, K., Macoun, S.
Date: 2016-04
Evaluating food donation quality in the Fraser Valley
Author(s): Sarah Speight
Date: 2017-03
Job shop operator scheduling software with change-over times
Author(s): Milne, Holden, Adesina, Opeyemi
Date: 2020-04
Preliminary results from the Call to Action program
Author(s): De Sousa, Jessica, Rai, Navdeep
Date: 2020-04
Race through the finish line with your customers
Author(s): Dhaliwal, Shan, Normandeau, Kayla, Kaur, Navneet, Bainwait, Carina, Chabba, Simran
Date: 2020-04
Restoration management plan for the UFV campus forest
Author(s): Schwab, Sierra, Gillies, Sharon
Date: 2020-04
Sink or Swim, an underwater ROV
Author(s): Forbes, Fraser, Xie, Xinhao, Gourde, Rebecca, Wosnack, Julia
Date: 2019-03
Sustained attention deficits in children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder
Author(s): Watson, Bradley, Keiver, K., Pritchard Orr, A., Kerns, K., Macoun, S.
Date: 2015-04
The two cultures debate
Author(s): Poortvliet, Jeremy
Date: 2020-04