Dr. Hayli Millar

Research Interests

  • Access to justice
  • Human trafficking
  • Migrant smuggling
  • Comparative and international law
  • Transnational crimes
  • Criminal justice reform


Dr. Millar has developed and taught 20 undergraduate courses in criminology, criminal justice and human rights at five post-secondary institutions in Canada, including developing the Northern Justice/Criminology program for Yukon College. She currently teaches first, second, and third year undergraduate courses at the University of the Fraser Valley where she is an Associate Professor. Dr. Millar has engaged in domestic research consultancies on alternative and community-based justice in Northern Canada and has lived and worked abroad as an international consultant for the United Nations and the Asian Development Bank. Her current research projects include human trafficking; human smuggling; the commodification of sexual services; the prevention of student exploitation; and, the criminal justice impacts of COVID-19. She has published several technical reports and peer-reviewed academic chapters and journal articles and has presented at various international, national and local conferences

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