Christina Neigel

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Research Interests

  • International education in the context of BC Post-Secondary Education
  • Public pedagogy and public scholarship
  • Representations of librarians / library workers in popular culture
  • Literature for children and young adults
  • Organized labour and library work as 'women's work'


Christina Neigel is an associate professor in the department of Library and Information Technology where she prepares students for careers working with people and information in various capacities, including libraries. She has served as a library technician and a librarian, a department head, a union vice president, and thinks a LOT about the intersections of work and life. Her research interests include labour (in libraries and higher education), popular culture, children’s literature, and education policy.

Key to her work, and much of the work that embodies librarianship, Christina is committed to linking scholarship, in all its various manifestations, and civic engagement. Although this practice is embedded in teaching, she is interested in finding ways to build stronger connections between academic work and the experience of everyday life.

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