Dr. Molly Pulver Ungar

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Research Interests

  • Canadian history
  • Quebec history
  • Cultural history

Other Scholars in History


I completed my B.A. and M.A. at McMaster University, and obtained my doctorate at York University (Toronto) in 2003. My dissertation examined the lives of a group of Montrealers whose ideas and activities were central to the development of modernity and the welfare state in Canada in the post-World War II years.

I have experience teaching at a number of Canadian Universities, and have been a permanent Faculty member in the History Department at University of the Fraser Valley since 2005. I am a cultural historian, and my areas of specialization are Post-Confederation Canada as well as the History of Quebec. I define “cultural history” very broadly to include my research interests, which range from the study of food culture, to popular music and its significance as a cultural expression of society’s concerns and interests, to visual culture and its meaning in people’s lives.

Another of my interests is the study of teaching and learning, curriculum design, and the examination of various forms of content-delivery in the classroom and online. I’ve presented workshops on classroom skills, course design, and assessment design.

At the time of writing, my ongoing projects include the preparation of a conference paper on F. R. Scott and the challenge of socialism, a paper on St. Jean-Baptiste parades in Montreal, an article on the exemption tribunals in Montreal after Conscription was enacted during the Great War, and the revision of my doctoral thesis prior to submitting it for publication.

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